Effective Shopper Execution

We think great Shopper Marketing…

  • Is anchored in the way that shoppers think and see.
  • Is able to drive sales of your brand.
  • Is relevant for several functions within a business, from marketing to category to sales.
  • Is embedded throughout the product & communication design process.

The Insight Traction Approach

  • Is rooted in shopper psychology and “System 1” thinking.
  • Makes it easier for your brand / product to get bought.
  • Is tangible – is a set of clear & simple golden rules that can be followed and applied.  These golden rules are underpinned by 3 core principles.  We believe these 3 core principles to be the foundations of how to win with shoppers.
  • Is comprehensive – covers all the key Shopper touchpoints: Packaging, Merchandising,  Point of Sale & Displays, Messaging and Promotions.

All of our materials start with “Thinking how shoppers think, seeing how shoppers see” – an interactive module on shopper psychology and System 1 thinking.

 Why us?

  • Expertise & Experience – we have extensive expertise in Shopper psychology and have worked with the likes of Beiersdorf, Molson Coors, Danone, & SAB Miller to develop great Shopper Marketing materials.
  • Partnership & Collaboration – we understand your business, tailor our rules and then work alongside you to diagnose your current performance and direct your future performance.

To read some of our case studies click here.

If you’d like to know more about our approach to effective shopper execution, and the 3 core principles to follow, please call or email us

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