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Jeremy Garlick


JeremyHeadSqFormer Head of Insight at Waitrose, Premier Foods & Sainsbury’s

I love helping people get to a simple, compelling vision of how to win with consumers.  I want to help make products that work better in the world that consumers live in.  I want to help make stores that are good places to shop.  I love the insight itself, but I’m equally interested in the traction – getting it heard by decision makers, so that the vision becomes a reality.

Neil Munro


NeilHeadSqFormer Global Shopper Insight Director at Unilever & Insight Manager at Sainsbury’s

I am passionate about helping FMCG companies win with shoppers in store.  I’m pretty obsessed about developing simple, clear insight that is put into a format that can be easily understood, and most importantly, applied in an organisation.  I think the key to winning with shoppers is firstly, knowing what to do, then secondly, doing what you know.  It’s actually much harder than it sounds.  My aim is to make it easier.

Amy Cashmore


AmyHeadSqFormer Marketing Manager at Sainsbury’s & Senior Brand Manager at Hasbro

I love the whole process of creating a brand or a product.   Starting with a seedling of an idea and watching it transform into something fantastic, and then shouting about it!   The brands and products that win focus on the right consumer & shopper insight and allow it to underpin everything they do.  I strongly believe a brand without insight might as well pack up now.  Luckily I know 3 people that are pretty handy when it comes to insight.

Naomi Geffen


Former Global Customer Development Strategy Director & Global Shopper Marketing  Director at Unilever

For me, it’s all about strategy and execution; one without the other is pretty meaningless. So whether it’s category strategy, or injecting shopper thinking early in the marketing process, I love to simmer things down to the core and then really focus on key tactics that can be implemented and will make a difference for shoppers and therefore Retailers & Manufacturers.