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What makes a winning Category Strategy...

We've worked on a lot of Category Strategies - from Personal Care to to Toilet Paper; from Hot Beverages to Healthy Snacking. But regardless of the specific category, there are some key things that all winning category strategies do...


They identify and focus on the things (insights) that really matter in the category.  The things that are most important.


They are specific. They hone in on what things mean for that particular category - e.g. not just "health," but the angle on health "5 a day".


They are directive. They identify what you need to do (Drivers) and how you need to do it (Critical Moves) and prioritise.

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They tell a simple, clear & memorable story. People get it, remember it and can play it back & talk to it.


They challenge some of the things you currently do. There should be certain things in there that make people feel a bit uncomfortable.

Our Point of View

We've written a couple of easy, 2-minute reads that tell you a bit more about our Category Strategy thinking....

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The Case for Category Strategy

Why we think Category Strategies are a "must have" not just a "nice to have".

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How Strategy can work in the Long and Short Term

How to make sure your strategy delivers real results in the short term and keeps you on the right path in the long term.

To find out more about the other 3 main areas we work in, please click on the relevant button below:

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