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What makes a winning Channel Strategy...

We've worked on a lot of channel strategies. We've worked on Discounters, eCommerce, Convenience, Drugstores, Food to Go. We help companies look across channels and within channels. We find that the companies that have a winning approach to channels do the following:

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They are set up to win in the higher growth channels. They protect the current whilst getting fit for the future.


They look across channels. They identify the role of each channel so that channels complement each other, rather than compete with each other.


They know “omnichannel” is just about connection between channels.  They identify simple, practical actions to do this.

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They are shopper led.  They focus on what they should be selling & doing.


They see channel as something everyone does.  Not just something the sales team does.

Our Point of View

We've written an of easy, 2-minute read that tell you a bit more about our Channel Strategy thinking....


Changing your Channel Thinking

How to think differently about WHERE to sell, WHAT to sell and HOW to sell in across key growth channels.

To find out more about the other 3 main areas we work in, please click on the relevant button below:

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