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Presenting the Insight Traction Lions.  Our version of the (slightly more) famous Cannes Lions. Our awards honour simple, clear & effective shopper communication. Communication that prioritises simplicity over complexity. Clarity over obscurity. Effectiveness over creativity. 

And the “Instantly Recognisable” award goes to Duracell. The absolute gold standard for display units.

Duracell stand_edited.jpg

And the “Topping & Tailing” award goes to Elastoplast. Cleanse. Protect. Heal. From 1 purchase to 3.

Elastoplast for website.jpg

And the “Directing Shopper Behaviour” award goes to Sainsbury's. Do you think they want us to eat more fish?

Eat More Fish.jpg

And the “Spelling It Out” award goes to Topo Chico. So that’s what a hard seltzer is. Just alcohol + sparkling water.

Seltzer shipper 1.jpg

And the “Reason To Buy” award goes to Asda. Giving shoppers a clear & tangible reason to buy long-life Juice.

Asda Ambient Juice header.jpg

And the “You Can't Miss This” award goes to Danone. If you’re going to say it, you might as well make sure shoppers see it, right?

Danone group for website.png

And the “No Message Required” award goes to Kit Kat. Brilliantly bringing to life the “have a break” proposition without words.

Kit Kat 2.jpg

And the “Perfect Match” award goes to Kettle Chips & Peroni. So good, we named the award after it.

Kettle and Peroni perfect partners.JPG

And the “Tackling Things Head On” award goes to innocent. These guys really are the masters at simple & attention grabbing communication.

Innocent no added sugar.jpg

And the “Consistent Communication” award goes to Actimel. Whether it’s for kids or dairy free, it’s always about “immune support."

Actimel Group for website.png

And the “Quick Ideas For Dinner” award goes to Tesco. That’s tonight’s dinner sorted.

Tesco Dinner for website.jpg

And the “What + Why Combo” award goes to Ariel. What = wash colder. Why = it saves energy.

Ariel wash colder.jpg

And the “Easy as 1 - 2 - 3” award goes to Tesco Tray Bake. Base + Hero + Sauce. Simple.

Tesco Traybake 2.jpg

And the “Social Proof” award goes to Nescafe. Why should I buy Nescafe Azera? Because a fellow Asda shopper says it’s the best instant coffee by far..

Nescafe Azura in Asda.jpg

And the “Ronseal” award goes to Heinz. For doing what it says on the tin (well…tray).

Heinz Beans SRP.jpg

And the “Challenging Perceptions” award goes to Marks & Spencer. Shouting about the key advantages of Frozen to help reinvent a (perceived) “unloved” category.

M&S group for website.png

And the “Livening Up Lunch” award goes to Sainsbury's. Breaking us out of the monotony of the same sandwich every single day.

Lunch for website.jpg

And the “Walking the Sustainability Walk” award goes to Tesco. Making it really easy for shoppers to make more sustainable choices..

Tesco Sustainability for website.jpg

And the “Important Numbers” award goes to Mars. Probably more important than ever given the impending HFFS regulations.

Mars 100 calories.jpg

And the “Hammering Home Two Short Words” award goes to Wrigley's. Have you got gum...? No…?  Well then, you’d better get gum.

Wrigley's Group for website.png

Whilst out and about we came across a few messages that tickled us.

So, we thought we’d round things off by sharing some of the most amusing things we’ve seen...

And the “Who Can Say Immunity Loudest” award goes to Kirkland. Brands have been on an immunity arms race this year.  Kirkland have the biggest gun.

Kirkland Immunity.jpg

And the “Over Promising” award goes to Brighton Burgers. That must be one hell of a burger…

Brighton Burger.jpg

And the “So, You Think You're Good Then?” award goes to Rowe's. Is there anything they aren’t better at?


And the “Don't Beat Around The Bush” award goes to Ducolax. If you’re in the Laxative game, you might as well be No 1.  Nothing will empty you quicker.

Ducolax no.1 laxative.JPG

And the “How The F*** Did This Happen” award goes to Barclays. Surely you just take it down a font size…? 

Barclays for Website.jpg
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