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“Hello, how are you?”

Firstly, we wanted to say “hello” or “hello again”.

Most of you who are receiving this email have either worked with Insight Traction, know one of us, or are linked in with one of us (and now perhaps wish you weren’t…).

For those of you who do know what we do, great, we hope we have been doing it reasonably well!  For those of you who don’t know what we do, we are an insight consultancy whose main aim is to help FMCG companies win with consumers and shoppers.  We do this by helping to develop strategies and tactics for categories, channels or different elements of the marketing mix, that are directed by simple, clear insight.

We have actually been so focused on this, that we haven’t been doing all the things a proper company does – like branding, building a website and telling people about what we do.  So, in an attempt to address this we now have a website, we have a list of things we offer and, most importantly, we’ve changed the colour of our logo from burgundy to  ‘grey and mustard yellow’ . Probably a testament to how good we have been at branding is that most of you will have had no idea that our old logo was burgundy in the first place.

So, now we are getting our act together, we wanted to start sharing some of the things we already know and some of the things we are thinking, seeing and discovering as we work across the FMCG sector and learn more and more about how to win with consumers & shoppers.

We know you are all busy and are inundated with emails from lots of different sources.  We want to avoid you having to press the delete key once more each week.  So, we will try to share only things that we think will be relevant to you, in a short and easy to digest format.  We will do this once a week on a Friday afternoon.

If you like what we have to say, tell us and tell your colleagues (who can click on the link below and add themselves to the list).  If you don’t, tell us (try to be polite…) and we will take you off the list.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.  Speak to you next week.

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