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What it takes to get great Retailer Traction...

We've supported collaboration between a variety of companies and their retailers - from Own Label Suppliers to Start Ups; from Smaller Branded  Companies to Multinationals. For any business, we think strong Retailer Engagement is based on some core principles:

Jigsaw pieces.png

It considers both the manufacturer's and retailer's strategy. It finds the common ground between the two.


Conversations are longer term. Strategic discussions about the path to growth and the shorter term steps to get there.

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Presentations are to the point. They tell a simple, clear & compelling story.


They start collaborating early. Work in progress plans are shared to get input and buy in.


They develop simple solutions. Ones that are easy to implement at scale

Our Point of View

We've written an easy, 2-minute read that tell you a bit more about our thinking on Retailer Engagement....


Getting to Better Selling Stories

How to develop clear & compelling stories that pay enough attention to the "story" and don't just focus on the "selling".

To find out more about the other 3 main areas we work in, please click on the relevant button below:

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