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What makes great a Shopper Marketing Strategy...

There are two ways we think about Shopper Marketing Strategy. Firstly, developing effective Shopper Marketing Activities. And secondly, maximising the impact of your core Shopper Assets

Developing Effective Shopper Marketing Activities

We've helped a number of companies to develop a shopper marketing strategy and supporting activity plans. The best shopper marketing activities are strategic not tactical. These activities follow a few key principles:

Stack of Boxes

They are focused on multiple purchases.  They are about getting shoppers to buy now and in the future.


They have a strong connection to brand activities.  They are used to accelerate brand activities.

Paper dolls.jpg

They are repeatable.  They are based around a common theme (with tailored executions each time).  B follows A.  C follows B.


They encourage active participation & engagement from shoppers.


They are not based around a price discount.  The activity is the incentive to buy.

Maximising the Impact of Shopper Assets

Shopper assets are the key things the shopper sees in store – pack, shelf ready packaging, POS visuals & messages.  We’ve helped a lot of companies build a consistent approach to developing assets that have maximum impact with shoppers.  This approach is based on a few key principles:

Shopper from behind.png

It starts with the shopper.  It is anchored in how shoppers think, behave and make decisions.

abacus summer camp.jpg

It is based on a simple framework that is easy to understand and apply.


It identifies the most important things for the shopper. And prioritises these things in the asset's design.


It looks at things objectively.  Through a shopper lens – so that you see what the shopper is likely to see.


It understands that measurement is very hard. So, it focuses on applying learning and consistently doing more of what works.

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